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With likelihood studies and systematic research, it has been a mindset for the management to focus on a project objective by coordinating internal and external resources, consequently optimizing schedules and expenses.

A successful Project Manager must simultaneously manage the four essential elements of a project: resources, time, money, and most importantly, scope. All these elements are interconnected. Each must be managed effectively if the project or the project manager wants to succeed.

  • Coordinate with the internal project manager and/or the project manager for the system integrator to ensure a smooth implementation and a predictable schedule
  • Manage D&S deliverables and resources to ensure that there are no delays
  • Manage interfaces with other vendors to ensure that any inter-product dependencies are addressed
  • Manage multi-site installations and plans where required
  • Synchronize test scheduling with your staff and the system integrator
  • Act as a single contact point for implementation, planning and scheduling
  • Act as a single contact point for any ongoing issues that arise during implementation and testing
  • Organize operational support necessities leading up to launch
  • Authenticate completion of the project to make sure all essential items are addressed


  • Improved efficiency: Project management provides a structure that can be followed easily and leads to project completion.
  • Enhanced effectiveness: The same project management strategies that allow you to successfully complete one project will serve you many times over and with our experience, we can assure you that the system we use for project management is tailor fit for your company.
  • Improved growth and development within your institution: Positive results not only gain respect, but more often than not inspire your team to continue to look for ways to perform more efficiently.
  • Opportunities to develop your services: A by-product of greater standing. Immense performance leads to higher chances of success.
  • Better flexibility: Project management allows you to map out the strategy you want to take, to see your project completed. D&S will give you a smarter direction to take.
  • Increased risk assessment: D&S has this strategy to counter potential risks. Our team of Project Managers provide a red flag at the right time: before you start working on project completion.
  • Increase in Quality: Goes side by side with effectiveness.
  • Increase in Quantity: Eventually improve in efficiency, regards as a benefit in project management.


Managing costs, savings and revenue opportunities of your businesses. Consultancy gives analytical breakdown of strengths and limitations with proposal of good business strategies on business solutions to achieve long-term profitability and sustainability. It is also important to ALIGN your BUSINESS VISIONS with smart investments together with good and feasible IT matrixes.

We have a team of business consultants together with our IT consultants to provide you with integrated business solutions. Our consultants have vast experience in various industries such as the service and manufacturing sectors.

Consulting with us:

We evaluate and give vital assessment whenever needed. Our consulting gives your business an advantage in areas like risk, improved system to do superior, quicker and most importantly automated process for more efficient business.

D&S already establish it in giving imperative business advice, and implementation which leads to lasting organizational change in a variety ways including development of new strategies, systems, systems integration, quality management, process redesign, marketing, distribution channel development, cost effectiveness, productivity improvement, leveraging technology, activity-based costing, competitive analysis, and value management.

We always listen, think, analyze, brainstorm, and challenge assumptions for your company to become even better by implementing new ideas that create value.

With the growth in your business, together with your business processes being well taken care by D&S Solutions, you can achieve a decent efficiency at the same time monitoring the growth in revenue.

Give your business a competitive edge!


Outsourcing can give you the benefit of getting the best and skilled engineer without the worries of recruitment. If you try to achieve all your business processes internally, you will not be able to provide yourself with all rounded services. IT outsourcing in here. It gives you the advantage.

You can focus on your main business by outsourcing your business processes to us. In such a way, your employees can focus on the growth in your business.

With the growth in your business, together with your business processes being well taken care by D&S Solutions, you can achieve a decent efficiency at the same time monitoring the growth in revenue.

Give your business a competitive edge!

Outsourcing allows your organization to gain competitive edge in the market. At the same time getting access to specialized services for different business processes and thereby provides your customers with highest service. In overall, outsourcing reduces the stress of organization on their business processes and allow you to concentrate on your business.


D&S Solutions already proven itself in IT service field to deliver and manage network-based services, applications, and equipment to small business, home, office and other service providers.

Nowadays, with the ever growing technology, demands for experienced and skilled in administering infrastructures with regard to application, servers or systems for computer security involves high cost and time consuming. We constantly look for better solution which could result in efficient output and cost effective resources.

For the 11 years in the business and the steady client increase, we have established ourselves well in this field with the continuous and accurate monitoring and service implementation. Time and cost are significantly reduced as an advantage for productivity, which enable of redeployment of internal resources for other tasks.


Within the scope of what was agreed base on the contract customer assistance is important. It has the primary purpose of assuring the good functioning of the IT and communication structures in given time.

Service also comprises the availability to deliver spare parts and time for on-site activities for the duration of the contract efficiently and effectively.

D&S Solutions IT support services provides a system designed to reduces downtime, increases responsiveness and provides the highest level of flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Fully flexible to service and budget. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or small businesses don't want to be bogged down by their IT systems - they need them to evolve and grow in line with their business needs. This is why we make flexibility, responsiveness and cost-efficiency the cornerstones of our IT support services

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