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DATA COMMUNICATIONS is about the transmission of digital signals between two or more separately powered devices through a medium which come with various forms. With various possible interference and noise during the transmission within the medium of transmission between devices, the maximum transmission rate of a message is interrelated to signal power and noise within the channel of transmission. It is the objective for all communications system to provide the highest Signal to Noise Rate (SNR) as possible.


  • Local Area Networks
  • Wide Area Networks
  • Wireless Area Networks
  • Remote Access Systems


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As part of systems management, system administrator will do troubleshooting support of additional issues to ensure that your server is running smoothly as how you want it to. If you want your server to function perfectly, D&S Solutions is the solution for you!

As part of placing the server on management, we will perform our initial server setup and a full list of what it includes will be disseminated. Included in our server management is constant server optimization based on the current needs and requests of your server. If you feel that your server is not performing like it should be, simply send a service report to us.

We are capable of hardening the servers more than standard upon request; the exact level is dependent on the server software as well as what is being run. If you have specific needs and compliance, please simply state your need via the service report.


The security is in continuous evolution. As such, it must be constantly developed, controlled, monitored and improved.

IT Security Audit

The services of Security Audit verify and certify that the realized results correspond to the requirements determined by the risk analysis and defined by the Policy.

Privacy & Data Protection

The information which the company possesses and transmits has a great value and therefore it requires an adequate protection.

Identity Management

A homogeneous and coherent vision of the whole security system, from the point of view of the relation between individuals and resources; which access is to be granted;

End Point Security

Complete control of the ports of the individual devices (USB, Wireless, CD Rom, and Irda) through the Policy definition and Auditing functionality.

Managed Security Services

Constant management and monitoring of all the systems installed in the corporate infrastructure: applications, firewalls, network devices, etc...


We have a partnership with one of Asia's biggest distributor, which provides services not only from maintenance and implementation but whenever we are needed. D&S Solutions provides hardware as well as software, up from the smallest scale.

We also labor service to troubleshoot malfunctioning IT equipment or system on site.

We provide service to repair all defective IT system and IT equipment required in connection with the service.

Not to mention IT in house technical support is provided. Small and medium company will find it beneficial engaging this business to us for it saves them time and money and they will only focus on their core business.

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